About Our Red Light Therapy:

We offer a full body Red Light Therapy collagen producing treatment. Red Light Therapy works by the wavelengths of the lights strengthening your cell’s mitochondria allowing for an increase of nutrients and energy. It can be used to treat joint stiffness, muscle aches and spasms, improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, improve collagen fibers, promote weight loss, reduce acne and much more. The Beauty Angel RTV 30 is a completely UV FREE environment. Our Beauty Angel also offers an optional Vibra Shape platform for muscle stimulation and increased circulation. There are 4 different Vibra Shape programs to choose from ranging in intensity. Red Light Therapy can be added to any UV or sunless tanning membership.

Beauty Angel RTV 30:
• Pure energy for your skin and body
• 30 full body collagen lamps
• Vibra Shape Platform for muscle toning and recovery
• 4 different Vibra Shape programs
• Dimensions: 55”W X 55”D X 93”H