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About Our Sunless:

Mystic is the only sunless booth that allows for a completely customizable spray, uniquely designed to meet your specific needs. The MYMYST by Mystic offers sunless customers their own cartridge of solution, which guarantees the solution has not been tampered with. We also offer 3 different types of MYXERS to customize your spray. We offer a single bronzer and a triple bronzer MYXER to give your spray an instant color, instead of having to wait for your tan to develop. We offer an accelerator to speed up the developing time of your Mystic. Instead of waiting 4-6 hours, with an accelerator, your spray will develop within 2-4 hours. Lastly, we offer different aromas: Coconut Lime, Fresh, Sport, Warm Vanilla, Cheerful Charm, Summer Dream and changing seasonal scents.

MYMYST Mystic:

Individual cartridge ensures fresh, not tampered solution

Customizable spray with aromas, bronzers and accelerators

Sprays side to side, like an airbrush tan

4 full body sprays, instead of 2, for maximum coverage

“Double Dip” option – add a Mystic tan to your UV or Red Light regiment

It is important to note that a spray tan is completely cosmetic and does not provide any protection from the sun’s rays.

There is a learning curve to spray tanning so if you are going to do this for a special event, we suggest that you try it once or twice before your special day to ensure that you get that perfect glow!  Ask for instructions and we will teach you all of our tricks!

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How to prep for your spray tan:

  • Shower – rid your skin of all dirts and oils
  • Shave or wax
  • Exfoliate – rid your skin of dead cells
  • Bring loose fitting clothing to wear after the spray to allow the tan to develop properly

During & immediately after your spray tan:

  • Undress to your comfort level in our private room.  Most people tan naked but this is a personal choice.  Just remember that any clothing will result in tan lines and will be sprayed with solution
  • Apply provided blending cream, if desired, to hands and feet and blend into wrists and ankles
  • Place provided hair net behind your ears and behind your hairline to avoid unwanted tan lines
  • Air dry after your spray but do not pat or rub solution into skin
  • Wait 4-6 hours before showering or exercising
  • If you do not want to wait 4-6 hours, you can add an accelerator to shorten the processing time to 2-4 hours
  • If you want immediate color, you can add a single or triple bronzer

Maintaining your spray tan:

  • A properly maintained spray tan can last 7 – 10 days
  • Moisturize your skin regularly with a tan extending lotion, like Hemp Nation
  • Avoid chlorine
  • Avoid lotions and soaps that are oil based
  • Avoid chafing