All of our UV tanning beds are made by Ergoline, which is the leading manufacturer in the industry. Ergoline beds have the most innovative UV technology that ensure the deepest, quickest tan with their effective designs. We offer a variety of beds, varying in maximum exposure time and bulb quantity and wattage. We replace all of our UV bulbs after the required number of hours of usage to ensure you’re always getting maximum exposure.

We have the following equipment to meet all of your UV Tanning needs. Come by and let us help you determine which level is right for you at this time and remember that can change!

We sell tans in single sessions, packs of 3, 5, 10 and 20, unlimited 2 weeks, unlimited month and our membership.  Our membership is auto debit program that continues monthly until you cancel in writing with 2 weeks notice.  The single sessions, packs of 3 and 5 expire in 1 year.

Level 4 – Ergoline Sunrise 480 Turbo Power:

48 Ergoline Turbo Power 200 watt UV lamps
Sunrise series silent cooling system
Full 360 degree exposure
Wide standing environment
2 support handles
Dimensions: 55”H X 55”W X 93”H

9 minute maximum exposure

Level 4 – Open Sun 550:

45 Ergoline Turbo Power 160 watt UV lamps
2 800 watt high-pressure facial bulbs
Dual air conditioning system
Base acrylic cooling
Full 360 degree exposure
Open air design, with A.R.T. Advanced Reflective Tanning facial unit
12 AC settings
Multi Relax acrylic, with built in head, foot and arm rests
Dimensions: 91”L X 63”W X 50”H

15 minute maximum exposure

Level 3 – SunDash 252:

52 Genesis Turbo Power 200 watt UV lamps
6 ½ feet high
TransFlow ceiling fan
Full 360 degree exposure
2 full length support columns
Wide standing environment
Dimensions: 51”L X 39”W X 92”H

12 minute maximum exposure

Level 2 – Ambition 300:

40 Genesis 160/120 watt UV lamps
3 400 watt high pressure facial tanners
Large, quiet cooling fan
Dimensions: 91”L X 44.5”W X 41.5”H

15 minute maximum exposure

Level 1 – Ambition 200:

32 Super Power 120 watt UV lamps
Large, quiet cooling fan
Dimensions: 91”L X 44.5”W 44.5”H

15 minute maximum exposure